5366 LOGISTICS CORP has extensive experience in disaster response and is FEMA trained and certified.

We keep “Go-Kits” at the ready 24/7 for an immediate departure to any disaster site in the US to include Personal Protection Equipment, spare parts, tires and a mobile office/sleeping accommodation 40’ trailer.

Owner Dan Bitton is Emergency Management accredited by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency. Plenty of spares for emergency response.

FEMA and 5366 LOGISTICS CORP: building better resiliency – Together

5366 LOGISTICS CORP owner/operator Daniel Bitton, along with company employees and brokered operators, are FEMA certified in disaster response.

The private sector is a vital part of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) team. The FEMA sees the nation's vast network of business as equal - and equally responsible - partners in every phase from preparedness to response and from recovery to mitigation. The FEMA has worked steadily to increase the level of private sector collaboration at all levels, to include transportation services such as those provided by 5366 LOGISTICS CORP.

5366 LOGISTICS CORP drivers have immediate access to military and other government installations, and are certified through the TSA.

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5366 LOGISTICS CORP responds to areas that require immediate removal of disaster debris.

Disaster site work requires expertise in working with FEMA, local authorities under the incident command system (ICS). Our drivers are ICS certified and accredited.

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Deployment Ready When Disaster Strikes

5366 LOGISTICS CORP has two mobile office/living quarter trailers ready for immediate deployment to a disaster site. These units are self-contained with on-board generators.

Two service trailers accompany the mobile office with tires, spare parts and additional communications equipment.

Disaster areas are known to have traffic jams.

Given 5366 LOGISTICS CORP FEMA training and certifications along with our emergency management certifications, we can often obtain police escorts to expedite delivery of our products and services.

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We carry spares

a common problem that impedes on-going operations in disaster area is flat tires. 5366 LOGISTICS CORP brings spare tires and parts to disaster sites.

5366 LOGISTICS CORP trailers have "spread-chains" to assist in road recovery operations.

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See our Disaster Plan system
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